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Tee Thee Queen (Founder/ Manager) 
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im an original GA Peach of Atlanta, GA & since my childhood i have always been tickled turquoise about fashion, trend setting, girly stuff & ofcourse, makeup!

my dad "Paul 'Blue" Taylor" was a successful barber shop owner & my mom "CJ" is a natural in creativity-- she made ends meet by hosting fish frys, doing fingerwaves hairstyles, applying strip lashes and alterations yet her passion was politics due to her determination for me to excel as a little girl growing up in the housing projects-- she ran for President of the Tenant Association and became the 1st youngest woman in history to win. Her objection was to get as many grants she could for our Community & opportunity for our community which was so desperately needed due to better units to live in, updated appliances, after school assistance, more police protection,etc.  She  also had a creative knack for unique fashions for me thru out my childhood. So as you see, there was no way i could exscape " my parents" traits & characteristics!

Tee speaks...

i was the little girl that grew up prissy, always very well dressed, hair always neat, purse & earrings on etc

 altho i  grew up in the Hood  (Universityy/John Hope Homes) my Mom instilled in me its not where u live its how u live & yes i got discipline to the 5th degree!

As a little girl i always look forward to going to my Granny house, she allowed me to be her personal stylist. I cut &trimmher nails & polish her nails, wash & roll her hair, massage her shoulders & neck & pluck her facial hairs. I love hearing say that i was going to be a business owner & make people happy. i was also the lil girl that did my friends hair & redressed them too *** I had no clue that i was shaping my future for what im doing this very day***

i have countless of stories of how i would get my butt tore up for redoing my friends hair & sneakin clothes out of my closet to give them---it was very important to me that my friends was stylish like meundefined

i have enjoyed this journey as a Lash & Brow Stylist since year 2003. i was determine to succeed altho im not where i want to be, i am very proud of my tenacity I put forth hardwork, labor & master this craft any means necessary. i have serveral people to thank for believing in me & not letting me give up-- they will forever be in my heart of debts as for Love & Much Respect is concern����

i attended barber school in 2009 due to certain regulations GA require & afterwards i enrolled in various makeup workshops to begin my passion for creating flawless yet soft looks! i personally adore my eyes & i enjoy wearing lashes, gloss & coverage on my face & im ready to hit the town. So, when doing a service i give my clients volume by keeping them soft at the same time. ---after all your eyes is the window to your soul***

Brows & Lashes by Tee was founded in 2008 after i did a woman face in the restroom while she was on her lunch break and she call me the next day & ask me to attend her pamper party. i went with $15 to my name and left with $300 and each one of those ladies book me to attend their functions as well as keep them looking good. thats how my blessed chocolate fingers got establish. i applied myself, passed out countless of flyers, did cold calling, attended events, my poor jeep accumilated so many miles when i went the mobile route, you name it i probably have done it to get Brows & Lashes by Tee name out in the streets of Hotlanta.

my approach to this industry is rare & unique. i take my time with each and every client. i care about their skin, their eyes, their lashes--i give them holistic advice, i offer assistance, i share with them products i use, i build relationships with them. i know my clients needs and i have a large repeat of clientele that i have been blessed with---they love me & i love them---they know i care about them and their appearance needs, thats what sets me apart from my competitors plus i give them treats

i consider myself an unsung due to many may not know my name but the many that have had the opportunity to meet me would say im talentive, i love God, i love my mom, i love my poodles, i love laughter and  i love what i do undefined